• Military Transition Guide: How to Turn Your Military Skills into a Civilian Career

    Those who have served in the military possess a wealth of skills that can be applied to a new career path as they transition from military to civilian jobs. Before you update your resume to pursue a career path in the civilian workforce, assess the soft skills you’ve mastered as a result of your tenure with the military.

    Drexel University Online aims to help those who have served their country with our military to civilian transition guide. This guide is designed to help former members of the U.S. Armed Forces identify the soft skills and career paths that correspond most closely with those skills obtained during their military tenure.  

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    military to civilian transition career guide


    When making the transition from a military career to a civilian career, it is important to identify the soft skills you have learned in the military that are valuable for civilian careers. These skills, such as communication, organization, and development of leadership qualities can prove invaluable to employers. By highlighting these soft skills on your resume and cover letter, you can position yourself as an asset to prospective employers. For further reading, also discover how employers view online degrees vs. traditional degrees.


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