• How Much Does a Teacher Make? Average Teacher Salary

    Because of the growth of open-source based learning software like Sakai and Blackboard, opportunities for educators are growing more and more every year. As the population in the United States continues to grow, so does the desire and need for teachers and educational supports, and for each level of education there are different numbers of jobs available. For preschool teachers there are 456,800 jobs in the US; for kindergarten through elementary there are 1,655,800; for middle school there are 641,700; for high school there are 1,037,600; and the numbers increase as they move through higher education professors, such as jobs in collegiate or post-graduate level education. Education is one of the largest opportunities for employment in the United States, and is expected to grow at least seventeen percent before 2020.

    With all of these available jobs it is important to consider what degrees and certifications are required to teach for each different level of education. It is also important to know the average salary for a teacher entering the education field.

    With an Associate degree in education, teachers are certified to work at the preschool level, a Bachelor’s degree is required for kindergarten through high school, and a Doctoral or Professional degree is required to teach at the postsecondary level (college, university, and post-graduate). By receiving more advanced degree certifications individuals looking to work in the education industry are opening doors towards opportunities for themselves. The amount of jobs that are expected to open will be spread between preschool, middle school, and collegiate positions but will be heavily leaning towards Junior High, High School, and collegiate opportunities.


    Median Salary by Years Experience - All K-12 Teachers (United States) Median Salary by Years Experience   



     Impact of Advanced Degrees on Educators' Salary  

    As the chart above shows, the amount of time that an individual has spent working in the Education industry and the degree that they have earned directly correlates with the amount of salary that they will be paid. Often, individuals seeking tenure or interested in gaining a more advanced position will consider online degrees to further their career. Online degrees are beneficial because they allow individuals to select a program that best suits their needs, demographics, and interests. Degrees gained online enable the broadening of horizons and perspectives without having to give up current occupations or positions. In the end, an online degree could provide a higher potential starting salary for a teacher.

    Educators that gain their Bachelor’s degrees after having worked in the preschool environment widen their opportunities by having access to almost 3.5 million jobs and larger salary opportunities. Also, rather than teaching linked subject courses to younger children, individuals who have completely a bachelor’s degree are responsible for single subject courses that allow them to delve deeper into a specific area of interest with their students.

    Educator Salary Increases from Associate to Bachelor’s Degrees 

    By obtaining a Bachelor’s degree job-seeking educators earn themselves significant job security and mobility, as well as a more substantial salary. Most employers of educators will look for a certification in a rigorous educational program as a means to validate the applicant’s ability to perform in a challenging job environment. Although it may seem arduous or intimidating, gaining a Bachelor’s degree in education is the best way to open doors in the future for positions. By completing an online bachelor’s degree, potential employers are shown that the applicant is capable of managing both a difficult course load and a working position while still maintaining good performance standards. That will assure the hiring manager that the applicant is capable of managing the rigorous and challenging responsibilities of being a educator.


    Median Salary by City - All K-12 Teachers (United States) Median Salary by City   



    The factors that have the most impact on educator’s salaries are:

    • Experience
    • Education
    • Geography
    • Additional Areas of Study

    It is obvious that the salaries for individuals teaching at more advanced educational institutions are significantly higher. Educational institutions hiring for advanced educators are more likely to reward heightened teacher salaries to those with broad interests in areas of study and with strong educational experience and knowledge.

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