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  • BS in Psychology

    The field of psychology studies and explores various questions about the human brain and its behavior. These questions are structured around an understanding of brain function and cognition influenced by various psychological, environmental, and social factors. Psychologists devote their careers to figuring out how this affects the way we grow, learn, and act in day-to-day life.

    As a student in Drexel University's accredited online psychology program, you'll be given tools and resources to become successful in a wide array of professional fields, including forensics and law, the health sciences, business, education, applied neurosciences, and counseling. The program's multidisciplinary approach delves into various subsets of psychology, and combines numerous topics, issues, and methods applicable to real-world challenges.

    An online bachelor’s degree in psychology from Drexel offers invaluable skills that can be leveraged for success no matter what career path you choose, making you an indispensable asset to any employer.

    Program Features

    • Fully Online - You'll never have to come onto campus to take classes or exams
    • Interactive Online Platform - Designed to challenge and engage, while remaining convenient for working professionals
    • Outstanding Faculty - Internationally-renowned faculty with a reputation for being some of the most passionate and knowledgeable educators in psychology
    • Research Methods and Statistics - Sequences in statistics and research methodology, key skills for finding employment opportunities in research and corporate settings 
    • Scientist/Practitioner Model - Online psychology courses merge theory with practical applications, offering a solid foundation to continually build upon

    State restrictions may apply to some programs.


    This program is organized into four 10-week quarters per year (as opposed to the traditional two semester system) which means you can take more courses in a shorter time period. One semester credit is equivalent to 1.5 quarter credits.

    You can transfer up to 135 quarter credits (equivalent to 90 semester credits) from any accredited institution of higher learning as long as the grade is a C or better. Most credits will fulfill liberal arts or general classes.

    College Requirements  
    ENGL 101 Composition and Rhetoric I: Inquiry and Exploratory Research 3.0
    ENGL 102 Composition and Rhetoric II: Advanced Research and Evidence-Based Writing 3.0
    ENGL 103 Composition and Rhetoric III: Themes and Genres 3.0
    COM 230 Techniques of Speaking 3.0
    Select one of the following: 8.0
    MATH 101
      & MATH 102
    Introduction to Analysis I
       and Introduction to Analysis II
    MATH 121
      & MATH 122
    Calculus I
       and Calculus II
    PSCI 100 Introduction to Political Science 4.0
    UNIV H101 The Drexel Experience 1.0
    CIVC 101 Introduction to Civic Engagement 1.0
    UNIV H201 Looking Forward: Academics and Careers 1.0
    Economics elective 4.0
    Fine Arts elective 3.0
    History electives 6.0
    Philosophy elective 3.0
    Sociology elective  
    Anthropology elective  
    Two English (ENGL) courses, 200-level or above 6.0
    Select one of the following sequences: 8.0
    BIO 107
    Cells, Genetics & Physiology  
    BIO 108
    Cells, Genetics and Physiology Laboratory  
    BIO 109
    Biological Diversity, Ecology & Evolution  
    BIO 110
    Biological Diversity, Ecology and Evolution Laboratory  
    CHEM 111
    General Chemistry I  
    CHEM 112
    General Chemistry II  
    PHYS 103
      & PHYS 104
    General Physics I
       and General Physics II
    Free electives 51.0
    General Psychology Requirements  
    PSY 111 Pre-Professional General Psychology I * 3.0
    PSY 112 Pre-Professional General Psychology II * 3.0
    100-Level Requirements  
    Select two of the following: 6.0
    PSY 120
    Developmental Psychology  
    PSY 140
    Approaches to Personality  
    PSY 150
    Introduction to Social Psychology  
    Required Psychology Courses  
    PSY 212 Physiological Psychology 3.0
    PSY 325 Psychology of Learning 3.0
    PSY 240 Abnormal Psychology 3.0
    PSY 280 Psychological Research I 3.0
    PSY 264 Computer-Assisted Data Analysis I 3.0
    PSY 265 Computer-Assisted Data Analysis II 3.0
    PSY 290 History and Systems of Psychology 3.0
    PSY 330 Cognitive Psychology 3.0
    PSY 360 Experimental Psychology 3.0
    PSY 380 Psychological Testing and Assessment 3.0
    Advanced Psychology Electives  
    Select four of the following: 12.0
    PSY 210 Evolutionary Psychology  
    PSY 213 Sensation and Perception  
    PSY 222 Psychological Problems of Modern Youth  
    PSY 225 Child Psychopathology  
    PSY 242 Psychology of Disability  
    PSY 244 Culture and Personality  
    PSY 245 Sports Psychology  
    PSY 250 Industrial Psychology  
    PSY 252 Death and Dying  
    PSY 254 Psychology of Sexual Behavior  
    PSY 310 Drugs & Human Behavior  
    PSY 322 Advanced Developmental Psychology  
    PSY 332 Human Factors and Cognitive Engineering  
    PSY 336 Psychology of Language  
    PSY 337 Human-Computer Interaction  
    PSY 342 Counseling Psychology  
    PSY 345 Narrative Psychology  
    PSY 350 Advanced Social Psychology  
    PSY 352 Environmental Psychology  
    PSY 355 Health Psychology  
    PSY 356 Women's Health Psychology  
    PSY 357 The Psychology of Eating Disorders and Obesity  
    PSY 370 Forensic Psychology  
    PSY 371 Law and Psychology  
    PSY 410 Neuropsychology  
    PSY 450 Autism Spectrum Disorders  
    PSY 463 Memory  
    Senior Seminar Sequence OR Psychology Electives **  
    PSY 490 Psychology Senior Thesis I 4.0
    PSY 491 Psychology Senior Thesis II 4.0
    PSY 492 Psychology Senior Thesis III 4.0
    Total Credits 180.0

    *Students with AP psychology, or transfer students with PSY 101 credit, should check with their advisor.

    **If you do not wish to elect the research seminar sequence, you're required to take four additional advanced psychology electives instead.

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    Admissions Criteria

    • Transfer Students
      • A minimum of 24 previous college credits with a grade of C or better from a regionally accredited institution
      • GPA of 2.5 or above
    • First-Year Students
      • Between 0 – 23 previous college credits from a regionally accredited institution
      • Must have been out of high school for a minimum of 2 years

    Required Documents

    With multiple ways to submit documents, Drexel makes it easy to complete your application. Learn more by visiting our Completing Your Application Guide.

    • A completed application
      • Transfer Students
        • Official transcripts from all universities or colleges and other post-secondary educational institutions (including trade schools) attended
      • First-Year Students
        • Official high school transcripts
        • Official ACT/SAT scores
        • Official transcripts from all universities or colleges and other post-secondary educational institutions (including trade schools) attended
    • Additional requirements for International Students


    The tuition rate for the academic year 2017-2018 is $489 per credit. (A 40% discount off Drexel's regular tuition rate of $814 per credit)

    • This program is eligible for Financial Aid.
    • Special tuition rates available for Drexel University AlumniMilitary members, and members of our Partner Organizations.
      • These rates apply only to new online students and students being readmitted.
      • All students must contact applyDUonline@drexel.edu within the first two weeks of the term to request tuition savings for which they qualify.
      • Special rates cannot be combined. If you qualify for more than one special rate, you'll be given the one with the largest savings.
      • When receiving special tuition plans with Drexel University Online, you may not combine them with other tuition benefits that may be available from Drexel University.


    Academic Calendar

    2017-2018 Academic Year


    Classes Begin

    Classes End

    Exams Begin

    Exams End

    Fall 2017

    September 25, 2017

    December 9, 2017

    December 11, 2017

    December 16, 2017

    Winter 2018

    January 8, 2018

    March 17, 2018

    March 19, 2018

    March 24, 2018

    Spring 2018

    April 2, 2018

    June 9, 2018

    June 11, 2018

    June 15, 2018

    Summer 2018

    June 25, 2018

    September 1, 2018

    September 4, 2018

    September 8, 2018

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